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Operation SPIF
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Let NPD help you record your Property Information

The Nacogdoches Police Department annually takes many reports from citizens and visitors to the city who have had their property stolen.  Often times the victims of these crimes have little information and descriptions of the items stolen.  This greatly hinders the investigation in developing suspects and the ultimate recovery of their property.  

For years it has been suggested for people to record detailed descriptions of their property such as brands, models, colors, and serial numbers.  Unfortunately too many people fail to do so.  We have developed a form that will assist citizens with recording the information with many of the details that officers will ask for during such investigations.  This program is known as OPERATION Stolen Property Identification Form (or SPIF) and is free of charge to everyone.  

We urge you to download the form, record the information, and keep it in a safe location.  We suggest having both a digital and paper copy.  In the unfortunate case that you fall victim to a crime where your property was stolen, you would be able to provide vital descriptive information that may help in the recovery of your stolen property.   NPD has the ability to list stolen property with serial numbers in both State and Nationwide databanks listing the items as being stolen.  Often a person’s property will be recovered and returned as a result of simply being listed on these databases.  Please download as many as you wish and pass them onto friends and family while encouraging them to participate.  Remember to keep the documents in a safe place and readily available.

We wish to thank you in helping us serve you more efficiently.  If you have questions ask.  Any officer can help you locate serial numbers on property or determine how it could be better described to assist police.  For example:  Every bicycle has a serial number.  It is located on the bottom side of the frame between the pedals.  Bicycles could be described by manufacturer, model, color (primary and secondary), wheel/tire size, speed (how many gears), type (male, female, unisex), and any other accessories that might be unique to your bicycles.  
No one expects to fall victim to theft or burglaries, yet it does occur.  Having detailed information about your property can be crucial in its recovery and return to you and your family.
Help us help you.

Vince Griffin
Assistant Police Chief

312 W. Main Street
Nacogdoches, TX 75961
Ph: (936) 559-2607