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Health Code Advisory Committee
COMPOSITION:  Nine (9) members
TERMS:  Three (3) years
CITY DEPARTMENT:  Inspection Services

The Health Code Advisory Committee’s primary function is to advise City Council of any issues involving health and safety of the citizens of Nacogdoches. The committee will review City health department and animal control department ordinances and is composed of City Health Officer, one licensed veterinarian, at least one representative from an animal welfare organization, at least one member from food service industry, and at least one member from child-care service industry.  The committee, at a minimum, shall provide guidance to promote:
  • Environmental health programs for enforcement of health and safety laws relating to food, water, waste control, general sanitation, and vector control;
  • Personal health promotion;
  • Animal health promotion; and
  • Environmental health education and information services.

MEETINGS:  As needed.

Current Board Members