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Important Links
Important Links
  • 100LL.com - 100LL.com is a pilot's information service with a continuously updated nationwide airport directory with aviation fuel prices including 100 Low Lead and Jet-A, hotels, ground transportation, airport services, and more.
  • AirNav - AirNav provides free detailed aeronautical information on airports and other information to assist pilots in gathering information for flight planning.
  • AOPA Online - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Online
  • Federal Aviation Administration - The FAA is primarily responsible for the advancement, safety, and regulation of civil aviation, as well as overseeing the development of the air traffic.
  • Flight Time Aviation - Flight school located at the A.L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport.
  • Fun Places To Fly - Fun Places to Fly by state.
  • Global Air - Aviation links, discussion forums, classifieds, and airport report database.
  • TX-Dot Aviation - With approximately 400 airports open to the public, Texas' general aviation airport system is one of the largest in the nation.