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Children's Programs
Kids & Teens Cooking Contest

Kids & Teens Cooking Contest

Date: October 22

Time: 2:30pm

Ages: 5-17 years

Registration: Please register by October 21.

Kids and teens cook their items at home and bring them into the library to be judged by local celebrity judges. Contestants may enter up to two dishes (but not in the same category) in salad/appetizer, entrée or dessert categories. Prizes will be awarded

Cooking Contest Entry Form

Children's Programs

Story Time

Date: Wednesdays

Time: 10:00am

Ages: 12 years and younger

Registration: Free, no registration.

Introduce your child to the richness of literature through stories, songs, crafts and activities. Story time helps instill a lifelong love of reading, and it is informative and engaging for parents as well. Special Story Time on September 21st- Read with a Dog by The Humane Society of Nacogdoches County.

Cuentos en Español (Spanish Story Time)

Fecha(Date): Cada Miercoles (Wednesdays)

Tiempo(Time): 10:45am

Edades (Ages): 12 años o mayor (12 years and younger)

Registro (Registration): Gratis, no es necesario registrarse. (Free, no registration.)

Tendremos cuentos y canciones para sus niños. Este tiempo con su hijo fomentará un amor por la lectura y fomenta el desarrollo del lenguaje. Nunca es demasiado temprano para empezar a leerle a su hijo.

Lego® Club

Dates: September 17, October 15, November 19, December 17

Time: 2:30pm

Ages: 5 - 17 years

Registration: Free, no registration.

The library has thousands of Lego® pieces from which to choose to build whatever you can imagine.  It’s fun for the whole family!

Reading Buddies

Dates/Times: Mondays & Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00pm & Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm

Ages: Children enrolled in grades 1 through 12

Registration: Free, no registration.

Volunteers and library staff are available to help your child practice their reading aloud skills. Buddies sit with the parent/caregiver and the child to help the child with pronunciation and comprehension.

Pajama Story Time with Junior Forum

Dates: September 15 & October 20

Time: 6:00pm

Ages: All ages

Registration: Free, no registration Join us as the wonderful volunteers from Junior Forum entertain children and their families with stories, crafts and games! Wear your favorite pajamas and bring your teddy bear!

STEAM 4 Kids

STEAM 4 Kids: Learning to Code

Date: September 15

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration:  Please register by September 14.

Anyone can learn how to program a computer.  In this class, we will learn the basics of coding using Scratch, an open-source computer programming language designed with children in mind. Plus, help us celebrate the power of libraries and digital learning in our community on this special day established by the governor, Power Up at the Library Day.

STEAM 4 Kids:  Designing with Code

Date: September 22

Time: 5:30pm

Ages:  7-11 years

Registration: Please register by September 21.

Join us as we discover even more ways to use the computer programming language, Scratch. In this class, we will allow our creativity to take flight by designing our own interactive stories and games on the computer.

STEAM 4 Kids: 3-D Art

Date: September 29

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration: Please register by September 28.

Let your imagination run wild as we explore the world of 3-D art. Employing different media (clay, yarn, paper, etc) we will use our creative powers to make masterpieces to take home.

STEAM 4 Kids: Boomerangs & Flying Things

Date: October 6

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration:  Please register by October 5.

How does an airplane fly? Why does a boomerang return to its sender? How far can your paper airplane fly? Find out the answers to these questions and more in a program devoted to all things flight related.

STEAM 4 Kids: Sound Lab

Date: October 13

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration:  Please register by October 12.

Explore sound waves and how our bodies detect them. We will perform an experiment where we can actually see sound waves, discuss how our brains translate these waves into sound and explore different ways of making noise. This is one time we won't be quiet in the library!

STEAM 4 Kids: Halloween STEAM

Date: October 27

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration:  Please register by October 26.

Join us for a night of spooky STEAM fun.  We will enjoy Halloween snacks, play with dry ice, and have a thrilling time participating in spooky projects.  Expect some slime, lots of fog and maybe even a pumpkin volcano!

STEAM 4 Kids: Legos® and Hexbugs®

Date: November 3

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration: Please register by November 2.

Join us as we explore simple machines using pulleys and Lego® bricks to create a zip-line. Make a Lego® maze for Hexbugs® and have them ride on the zip-line. Find out just how much fun engineering can be!  Plus, the SFA School of Art 2D Design class will be on hand to demonstrate screen printing and everyone will get to make and go home with a free custom t-shirt!

STEAM 4 Kids: Completing the Circuit

Date: November 10

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration: Please register by November 9.

Find out how electricity works in an exciting (yet safe!) manner.  We will design and build working models of electrical circuits and unearth what happens when we don't complete the circuit. We will also determine the difference between conductors and insulators, and discover why rubber wires are not used in light bulbs (Hmm…).

STEAM 4 Kids: Random Acts of Kindness Art

Date: November 17

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration: Please register by November 16.

A perfect project to begin the holiday season of thankfulness and goodwill.  We will use our creative talents to make bookmarks and other simple gifts to give to those who may need some encouragement or kind words.

STEAM 4 Kids: Discovering Light

Date: December 1

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration: Please register by November 30.

Observe the properties of light and color in a whimsical way. We will make and decorate our own kaleidoscopes to give as gifts, or to keep and amaze your friends.

STEAM 4 Kids: Holiday STEAM Party

Date: December 8

Time: 5:30pm

Ages: 7-11 years

Registration: Please register by December 7.

Join us as we celebrate the end of our Fall Season with holiday snacks and holiday STEAM projects. There will be lots of ho-ho-ho-ing and jingle-belling as we party the only way scientists, technologists, engineers, artists and mathematicians know how.

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