Animal Services

The shelter is temporarily closed to the public in order to reduce exposure to our employees during this difficult time. This choice to limit outside exposure is critical to our staff being able to continue to offer care for animals. We are still working behind the scenes to provide essential services to the animals and our loving animal community. We are answering our phones and responding to calls. As is our standard practice, we are also working within our existing animal care network to temporarily foster animals to ensure animals are well cared for during this time. We want to ensure everyone we are not shutting down the shelter or changing our practices in any way other than reduced public contact and walk-in access to the shelter facility. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your shelter staff at 936-560-5011 or e-mail us .

Services not provided at this time:

Any public access for viewing animals, adoptions, stray or owner surrenders, or any business normally conducted at the counter

The Humane Society of Nacogdoches County is currently working from home.

For assistance with an animal medical emergency, they can be reached at 936-569-7272

We are currently providing the following services:

Allowing animals in the shelter to be reclaimed by their owners-by appointment only
Responding to high priority calls
Maintaining the shelter and the animals housed at the shelter