Municipal Court

Mission Statement

To provide a fair, independent, and impartial forum for the adjudication of fine-only criminal cases arising within the city limits of Nacogdoches. To provide those we serve with high quality customer service that is effective, efficient and delivered in a professional environment, while accomplishing the duties incumbent upon it by the laws of the State of Texas.

History of Municipal Courts

The Municipal Court occupies a unique position in the Texas Judicial System. More people are exposed to municipal courts than all other courts combined. Most people appear in city courts because of traffic citations, and for most, whether as a defendant, witness, or juror, this will be their only contact with the criminal justice system. Those who appear in Municipal Court for the first time will develop lasting impressions of the court, and because it is difficult to distinguish between courts, they naturally will project their experience to the entire criminal justice system. Consequently, public impression of the judicial system is formed in large measure by proceedings in the municipal court.

The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanor offenses including but not limited to traffic offenses, penal code, and city ordinance violations. All offenses must have occurred within the city limits (including the extra-territorial jurisdiction limits) of the City of Nacogdoches.

The Driver Responsibility Program (DRP)

The Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) establishes a system that authorizes the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to assess surcharges to an individual based on certain traffic offenses that have occurred on or after September 1, 2003. Individuals are notified by mail each time a surcharge is added to their driver record. Surcharges are in addition to other fees and do not replace a suspension, revocation, denial, disqualification or cancellation resulting from the same conviction.

This program was developed to encourage safe driving habits. It requires DPS to assess surcharges to individuals based on certain traffic offenses. These surcharges are assessed in two ways, a point system, and conviction based.
Points are assessed for Texas or out-of-state moving violation convictions: two (2) points for a conviction, and three (3) points for a conviction that resulted in a crash. Individuals are assessed a point surcharge annually if they have six (6) or more points on their driver record. For each consecutive 12 month period that an individual does not receive any points for a moving violation, one (1) point will be deducted from the individual’s total points.
A Conviction based surcharge is a result of being convicted of any of the following; Driving While Intoxicated, No Driver License, Driving While License Invalid, and No Insurance. Points are not assessed for these offenses. A conviction based surcharge will be assessed annually for three (3) years from the date of conviction. An individual also has the option to pay all three (3) years at once.

DPS offers programs that may reduce or waive surcharges. For more information about DRP, along with details on available surcharge discounts and other surcharge assistance programs, please visit,