Nacogdoches Disability Pride

Pride Parade 2017

The Nacogdoches Mayor’s Committee on People with Disabilities would like to invite you to our

4th Annual Disability Pride Parade

4/8/17 at 2PM in Historic Downtown Nacogdoches.

Group Registration Form
Individual Registration Form
Please scan and email forms to Alan Larson

Our First Annual Disability Pride Parade
Come help this event grow!
The mission of the Nacogdoches Disability Pride Parade is to:
  • Develop a sense of pride and empowerment in people with disabilities
  • Empower people with disabilities to openly declare pride in who they are
  • Educate the community about disability as a beautiful aspect of diversity
The objectives of the Nacogdoches Disability Pride Parade are to:
  • Celebrate and strengthen the pride, power, and unity of people with disabilities
  • Allow family, friends, and allies to show their support for people with disabilities
  • Further the overall community acceptance of all people with disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to participate in the Parade?

    The parade is completely free.
  2. Do I have to be a person with a disability to participate in the Parade?

    Absolutely not. Anyone who understands the concept of disability pride and supports it and/or people with disabilities in such a way is invited to be a part of the parade.
  3. Can I participate as an individual in the Parade?

    Yes. Both groups and individuals will be able to march/roll/ride.
  4. Do I have to register if I want to participate in the Parade?

    Yes, absolutely. Everyone that participates in the parade is required to complete a liability form.
  5. What is the Parade Route?

    We will start at the Fredonia Hotel on the corner of E. Hospital and N. Church, then head west on E. Main before turing left on N. Pecan, then left again on E. Main, then turning left again on Mound before heading back to the Hotel.
  6. Where should we park on the day of the Parade?

    We will be lining up for the parade in the parking lot of the Fredonia Hotel. If you are planning on watching the parade, there will be street parking available.
  7. What happens if it rains?

    We will be marching rain or shine, so come prepared.
  8. What is disability pride?

    According to, disability pride is “accepting and honoring each person's uniqueness and seeing it as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity. Disability Pride is an integral part of movement building, and a direct challenge of systemic ableism and stigmatizing definitions of disability.”
  9. Why are we having a parade about disability pride?

    People with disabilities throughout country are rejecting the old, sad stereotypes about being disabled in favor of a positive vision and acceptance of our own self-worth and significant contributions to society. There are Disability Pride Parades and Festivals in at least 15 cities in the United States. Nacogdoches is proud to be the smallest city to hold annual Disability Pride Parades.