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FacilityAddressType of ServiceDemeritsDate Scored
Chili's1911 NorthFood Service47/14/2017
Church's3505 C South St.Food Service197/14/2017
Subway3415 South St.Food Service27/14/2017
Mike's BBQ1622 South St.Food Service67/12/2017
Nick's -Appleby Sand Road4822 North UniversitY DriveFood Service57/12/2017
Raising Cane's1831 North StreetFood Service47/12/2017
Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins2801 North StreetFood Service77/10/2017
Shipley Donut2415 North St.Food Service77/10/2017
Taqueria El 211422 Douglass RoadFood Service127/8/2017
Empire Donuts2519 Woden RoadFood Service47/7/2017
Gateway of Nacogdoches2615 North Stallings Drive # 101Food Service-Sales47/7/2017
Denny's2615 North Stallings Drive # 102tFood Service67/6/2017
Ken's # 4911 West MainFood Service/Sales137/6/2017
Nick's # 53003 DurstFood Service/Sales37/6/2017
International House of Pancakes ( IHOP )4117 North St.Food Service47/5/2017
Long John Silver's1505 North St.Food Service217/5/2017
Ken DonutSouth StreetFood Service/Salesnew 6-177/1/2017
China Star4640 North Street Suite # 120Food Service166/29/2017
First City200 North FredoniaFood Service/Clubnew 6-20176/29/2017
Clements Concepts-Pilgrim's Pride4513 Lady ElaineFood Service86/28/2017
The Frozen Goat Yogurt Bar1220 North Street Suite # AFood Service46/27/2017
Baymont Nacogdoches Seafood709 Nort UniversityFood Service56/23/2017
Medical Center Hospital4920 NE StallingsFood Service26/23/2017
Texas Sports Bar and Grill3400 South St.Food Service96/23/2017
Napoli's Pizza and Italian Restaurant2119 North StreetFood Service106/21/2017
Sonic Drive In2903 North St.Food Service46/21/2017
Jalapeno Tree637 North UniversityFood Service66/20/2017
Newk's3601 North StreetFood Service26/20/2017
Subway2721 North St.Food Service26/20/2017
Papa John's Pizza2702 North St.Food Service66/19/2017
Pizza Hut2508 South St.Food Service56/19/2017
Texas Travel Plaza4010 South StreetFood Service166/19/2017
Zouki's1220 North Street Suite # BFood Service36/19/2017
Donut Palace5105 North StFood Service56/16/2017
Big's Convenience Store # 3832540 Northeast Stallings DriveFood Sales66/15/2017
Big's Deli and Grill # 3832540 Northeast Stallings DriveFood Service136/15/2017
Sonic Drive In3419 South St.Food  Service46/15/2017
Domino's Pizza2403 North St.Food Service46/14/2017
Slap Yo Daddy4506 North StreetFood Service06/14/2017
Nijaya4919 North St. # 104Food Service76/13/2017
Splash Kingdom -Courtyard Grill401 North UniversityFood Service26/13/2017
Wingstop4909 North St. Suite # 206Food Service36/13/2017
Asian City2732 North St.Food Service106/8/2017
The  Shack4601 North StFood Service86/6/2017
Donut Palace1511 N. UniversityFood Service86/5/2017
Taco Casa1133 North UniversityFood Service45/31/2017
Peking3103 North St.Food Service195/26/2017
Boil-N-Go TooFlea Market Fabalous NacRoadside Vendor35/25/2017
Chicken Express1614 N. UniversityFood Service85/25/2017
Donut Palace1822 South StFood Service55/22/2017
Marble Slab Creamery2425 North St.Food Service15/22/2017
North Food Mart5105 North StreetFood Service/Sales155/22/2017
Java Jacks1122 NorthFood Service35/17/2017
Popeye's1519 North UniversityFood Service15/17/2017
Auntie Pasta's211 Old Tyler RoadFood Service05/16/2017
Burger King2921 North St.Food Service45/16/2017
Jalisco Tacos1003 Martin Luther King Blvd.Food Service65/16/2017
Super S # 21718 E. MainFood Sales105/16/2017
Panda Café1224 North St.Food Service45/15/2017
Peanut Shack1122 N. University DriveFood Service15/15/2017
Taqueria Los 3 Potros1622 South StreetFood Service135/15/2017
AMC Classic Nacogdoches 63801 North St.Food Service35/13/2017
Sno Works3205 N. University Dr.Food Service45/13/2017
Snow Fox Sushi1215 North StreetFood Service05/10/2017
McDonald's1717 North StFood Service25/9/2017
Star Food Mart107 North StreetFood Service/ Sales195/8/2017
Mexico Lindo4010 South StreetFood Service125/5/2017
South Food Mart3220 South StreetFood Service/Sales185/5/2017
South Street Chevron3325 South StreetFood Service/Sales05/5/2017
Tacos Al Pastor Dianita1724 South StreetFood Service115/3/2017
Casa Tomas1514 North StFood Service105/2/2017
Liberty Bell422 East MainFood Service/Club85/2/2017
Nac Nutrition3801 North Street # 14Food Service05/1/2017
Kinfolks4817 NW StallingsFood Service54/28/2017
Feed Lot3813 NW Stallings DriveFood Service94/27/2017
Crockpot Annie's1008 East MainFood Service24/26/2017
Kroger Deli and Bakery3205 N. University Dr.Food Service64/26/2017
Lucky Donuts709 North University DriveFood Service34/18/2017
Schlotzsky's2608 North St.Food Service34/18/2017
McDonald's3120 N. UniversityFood Service04/12/2017
McDonald's- Wal Mart location4810 North St.Food Service74/12/2017
Taquitos El Jalisciense4512 North StreetFood Service74/12/2017
Posados Café1345 North St.Food Service/Club124/11/2017
Butcher Boy's603 North StFood Service74/10/2017
2HOOG KabobsNacogdoches Farmer's MarketRoadside Vendor04/8/2017
Grub StationNacogdoches Farmers MarketsRoadside Vendor54/8/2017
Meemaw's TamalesNacogdoches Farmers MarketRoadside Vendor34/8/2017
Merci's Worldly CuisineNacogdoches Farmers MarketRoadside Vendor24/8/2017
Big's # 2438 Convenient Store2430 SE Stallings DriveFood Sales74/7/2017
Big's # 2438 Deli and Grill2430 SE StallingsFood Service54/7/2017
Blue Horse Bakery112 North ChurchFood Service34/7/2017
Cotton Patch3117 North St.Food Service64/7/2017
El Ranchero123 KingFood Service144/6/2017
Wal Mart # 4674 Fuel Center1328 North University DriveFood Service/Sales04/5/2017
Wal Mart Neighborhood Market Deli/ Bakery1030 North University DriveFood Service44/5/2017
Ice Ice Baby2504 South St. STE # 101Food Service04/4/2017
Quick Way1000 East MainFood Sales94/4/2017
Thumper's4515 North Street Suite  # 2Food Service34/4/2017
JP'S Lil Cajun Kitchen1403 South StreetFood Service64/3/2017
Las Delicias1416 South StreetFood Sevice124/3/2017
NISD High School4310 Appleby SandFood Service33/30/2017
NISD Central Kitchen302 HughesFood Service03/29/2017
Burger King3819 South St.Food Service03/28/2017
NISD- McMichael4330 SE Stallings Dr.Food Service03/28/2017
Memorial Hospital1204 Mound St.Food Service03/24/2017
Head Start Kitchen # 11902 Old Tyler RdFood Service43/23/2017
Head Start Kitchen # 31902 Old Tyler RdFood Service03/23/2017
Jack in the Box2015 North St.Food Service63/23/2017
NISD Nettie Marshall422 CoxFood Service03/23/2017
Brookshire's Bros. Food Store1216 South St.-DeliFood Service73/22/2017
Chick-Fil-a2804 North StreetFood Service03/22/2017
NISD Carpenter1002 LeroyFood Service03/22/2017
JNK # 3-Miss Donut-Kim Food Mart1930 Douglass RdFood Service03/21/2017
NISD Raguet2708 RaguetFood Service43/21/2017
Dolli's Diner116 South PecanFood Service33/15/2017
Don Juan3226 Center HighwayFood  Service/Sales183/15/2017
Heart Of Texas110 South PecanFood Service03/15/2017
Depot Chevron428 W. MainFood Service33/14/2017
CiCi's Pizza3801 North St.Food Service143/13/2017
Adeel's # 65000 E. MainFood Sales43/10/2017
El Coco Loco930 South StreetFood Service113/9/2017
Little Caesars1500 North St.Food Service33/9/2017
NISD Fredonia Elementary1326 South FredoniaFood Service43/9/2017
Senior Center621 HarrisFood Service33/9/2017
NISD Brooks Quinn Jones907 N. SandersFood Service33/8/2017
Ocean Buffet3613 North StreetFood Service183/8/2017
NISD Career and Technical Center6003 North St.Food Service03/6/2017
CC's Smokehouse2709 WestwardFood Service73/3/2017
Flashback Café109 WettermarkFood Service73/3/2017
Clear Springs211 Old Tyler Rd.Food Service43/2/2017
NISD Thomas J. Rusk411 North MoundFood Service03/2/2017
Taco Bell1605 North St.Food Service63/2/2017
Lucky Stop -South1324 South StreetFood Service173/1/2017
NISD Mike Moses2801 ParkFood Service0`3/1/2017
Jimmy John's 2023 North St. # 102Food Service02/28/2017
Smoothie King2417 North St.Food Service32/27/2017
Pupeseria El Pampero721 North UniversityFood Service72/24/2017
Barbeque House704 North StallingsFood Service02/23/2017
Subway933 North UniversityFood Service32/23/2017
La Carreta3000 North St.Food Service102/22/2017
Tango Mango3801 North StreetFood Service62/22/2017
Lucky Stop # 51516 East MainFood Sales172/21/2017
Olde Towne General Store205 E. MainFood Service72/21/2017
Taco Bueno1821 North StreetFood Service82/20/2017
4GEE Kettle CornFlea Market Fabulous NacRoadside Vendor02/18/2017
Bear Country LemontreeFlea Market Fabalous NacRoadside Vendor32/18/2017
Kity's Fuente Del SodasFlea Market Fabulous NacRoadside Vendor62/18/2017
Sign Me UpFlea Market Fabulous NacRoadside Vendor02/18/2017
Taco MexFlea Market Fabulous NacMobile Vendor32/18/2017
Veliz Roasted CornFlea Market Fabulous NacRoadside Vendor32/18/2017
Dickey's BBQ Pit3505 South Street Suite # BFood Service132/17/2017
El Chimal Bakery1516 A South StreetFood Service72/17/2017
Black Jack Tater Shack1402 South StreetFood Service42/15/2017
Donut Express624 Northeast Stallings DriveFood Service62/15/2017
Fuzzy's Taco Shop4909 North StreetFood Service/Club32/15/2017
Pepper Jack's1504 North St.Food Service82/15/2017
Wal Mart # 163 Fuel Center4810 North StreetFood Service/Sales42/15/2017
Wal Mart Deli4810 North St.Food Service72/15/2017
Nini's Fresh Donuts1617 South StreetFood Service112/14/2017
Pizza Hut3102 North UniversityFood Service02/14/2017
Sripes3104 North University Dr.Food Sales02/14/2017
Appleby Sand Road Depot3023 Appleby Sand RoadFood Service72/13/2017
NacBurger3205 North University Suite # 0Food Service02/13/2017
Texas Pro Bowl Grill3801 North St.Food Service42/13/2017
Tacqueria Sissy Popcorn SalesMillard's Flea MarketRoadside Vendor02/11/2017
Starbucks2021 North StreetFood Service02/10/2017
El Mariachi1006 South StreetFood Service152/9/2017
El Roble Tortilleria1408 South St.Food Store-Tortillas62/9/2017
H and Z Texaco1626 North UniversityFood Sales112/9/2017
Kwik Stop1115 S. UniversityFood Service/Sales182/9/2017
Dairy Queen3121 North St.Food Service112/8/2017
KFC3007 North StreetFood Service42/8/2017
Sunshine Food Mart2013 North Street Suite # AFood Sales42/7/2017
Rick's Convenience Store3505 South StreetFood Sales42/6/2017
La Braza3914 South StreetFood Service192/3/2017
Las Potacinas2904 South St.Food Service/Sales112/3/2017
Pueblo Viejo2900 South St.Food Service182/3/2017
Chilly Fillmore's2023 North Street Suite # 101Food Service32/2/2017
La Delicias1416 South StreetFood Serviceperm closed2/1/2017
La Michoacana Deli and Grill1000 North St.Food Service62/1/2017
Barnhill's3217 North St.Food Service121/31/2017
Whataburger2617 North StFood Service01/30/2017
Kroger Deli/Bakery1215 North StFood Service31/26/2017
Morgan Oil Food Store Deli4919 N. W.StallingsFood Service/Sales81/26/2017
Kim's Grill4712 South St.Food Service141/25/2017
T'S Sandwiches1122 North UniversityFood Service01/25/2017
Pizza Hut2619 North St.Food Service41/24/2017
Frogs1507 North St.Food Service/Club171/23/2017
Maklemore's2304 North StreetFood Service/Club61/23/2017
Lucky Stop1218 Douglass Hwy.Food Service201/20/2017
Brookshire Bros. Deli1420 N. UniverstyFood Service41/18/2017
Tacos Dona Pancha112 W. SealeFood Service111/17/2017
Skate-O-Rama1208 Douglass Rd.Food Service31/14/2017
Lucky Stop # 42500 Woden Rd.Food Service/Sales141/13/2017
Nini's Fresh Donuts # 21302 North StreetFood Service141/6/2017
Junk Food JunkiesNacogdoches Trade DaysRoadside Vendorperm closed11/19/2016
The Kitchen1303 Martin Luther King BlvdFood ServiceCLOSED10/19/2016
American Legion Post # 86Nacogdoches MobileRoadside Vendor010/15/2016
Joe's Sunset GrillNacogdoches Farmers MarketRoadside Vendor010/8/2016
New Day BakeryNacogdoches Farmers MarketRoadside Vendor310/8/2016
Mr. Ron's Shaved Ice1513 North St.Food Service87/15/2016
Meruelo Seafood-ShrimpMillard's MarketRoadside Vendor05/13/2016
Kona IceMobile Vendor-NacogdochesMobile Vendor04/29/2016
Italian IceNorth Stallings DriveFood Service/Sales06/6/2015
Ocean Buffet3613 North StreetFood Service467/21/2014